Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Radio Brotbeutel Mai 2017

Am Sonntag den 7.5.2017 von 22.00 bis 24.00 Uhr hört ihr die Mai-Ausgabe von Radio Brotbeutel. In Hannover zu hören bei LeineHertz 106Punkt5 auf UKW 106.5, im Kabel auf der Frequenz 102.15 MHz oder im Internet im livestream!

Radio Brotbeutel Extra April 2017

Am Sonntag den 30.4.2017 von 22.00 bis 24.00 Uhr hört ihr die April-Ausgabe von Radio Brotbeutel. In Hannover zu hören bei LeineHertz 106Punkt5 auf UKW 106.5, im Kabel auf der Frequenz 102.15 MHz oder im Internet im livestream!

Sonntag, 2. April 2017

Radio Brotbeutel April 2017

Tour de Force - School Rules (1981)
Tour de Force - We Don’t Talk (1981)
Tour de Force - Beat The Clock (1981)
Tour de Force - Undecided (1981)
pragVEC - Existential (1978)
pragVEC - Bits (1978)
pragVEC - Wolf (1978)
pragVEC - Cigarettes (1978>
pragVEC - Expert (1979)
pragVEC - The Follower (1979)
The Lines - On The Air (1979)
The Lines - Not Through Windows (1979)
The Lines - Dance For A Drop Of Blood (1979)
The Tiller Boys - Big Noise From The Jungle (1980)
The Tiller Boys - Slaves And Pyramids (1980)
The Tiller Boys - What Me Worry? (1980)

Visitors - Electric Heat (1979)
Visitors - Moth (1979)
Visitors - One Line (1979)
Leopards - Strange Rhythmical Music (1979)
Leopards - Veronica (1979)
Mudmen - Let It Go (1980)
Mudmen - Penom Pen (1980)
Plastics - Copy (1979)
Plastics - Robot (1979)
The Saints - (I'm) Stranded (1976)
The Saints - No Time (1976)
Radio Stars- Dirty Pictures (1977)
The Infra Red Helicopters - Track 4 (Someone I Don't Like) (1979)
TGV - So This Is What I Once Called My Tomorrow (1999)
The Damned - You Know (1977) 

Montag, 6. Februar 2017

Radio Brotbeutel März 2017

George Harrison: Red Lady Too (1968)
George Harrison: Greasy Legs (1968)
John Lennon: Lucy from Littletown (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Down in Cuba (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Pedro the Fisherman (1966-1968)
George Harrison: Party Seacombe (1968)
George Harrison: Cowboy Music (1968)
John Lennon: Hold on I’m coming (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Chi Chis (1966-1968)
John Lennon: (You’re A) Stranger in My Arms (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Daddy’s little sunshine boy (1966-1968)
George Harrison: On The Bed (1968)
George Harrison: Wonderwall To Be Here (1968)
John Lennon: Mellotron music #1 (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Mellotron music #2 (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Mellotron music #3 (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Mellotron music #4 (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Mellotron music #5 (1966-1968)
John Lennon: Good Morning Good Morning plus (1966-1968)
George Harrison: Singing Om (1968)
George Harrison: Dream Scene (Part 2) (1968)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Song for John (1968)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Mulberry (1968)
John Lennon: Everone had a hard year (1968)

Paul McCartney: That Would Be Something (1969/70)
Paul McCartney: Valentine Day (1969/70)
The Dirty Mac: Blues Jam (1968)
Yoko Ono & The Dirty Mac: Whole Lotta Yoko (1968)
Paul McCartney: Hot As Sun/Glasses (1969/70)
Paul McCartney: Oo You (1969/70)
Yoko Ono & John Lennon: Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow) (1968)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono: The Maharishi Song (1968)
Paul McCartney: Singalong Junk (1969/70)
Paul McCartney: Kreen-Akrore (1969/70)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono: I want you (1968/69)
John Lennon: A Case Of The Blues (1968)
Paul McCartney: Woman Kind (1969/70)
Paul McCartney: Don't Cry Baby (1969/70)
Plastic Ono Band: Remember Love (1968)
Plastic Ono Band: Who has seen the wind (1970)
Plastic Ono Band: John, John (Let's Hope For Peace) (1969)

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

Radio Brotbeutel Februar 2017

Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl of my dreams
Sex Pistols - Black leather
Sex Pistols - Here we go again
Ex Pistols - Revolution in the classroom
Ex Pistols - Schools are prisons
Ex Pistols - Land of hope and glory (extended)
Be Bop Deluxe - Maid in heaven
Red Noise - Revolt into style
Red Noise - Furniture music
Red Noise - Out of touch
Red Noise - Stay young
Killing Joke - War dance
Medium Medium - Hungry, so angry
Kevin Rowland - Thunder road

Dinosaur Jr. - Just like heaven
Dinosaur Jr. - Freak scene
Dinosaur Jr. - Repulsion
The Bodines - Heard it all
The Bodines - Scar tissue
The Bodines - Slip slide
The Bodines - Therese
The Fixx - Less cities, more moving people
The Fixx - Stand or fall
The White Stripes - Fell in love with a girl
ZZ Top - Rhythmeen
The Hives - Hate to say I told you so
That Petrol Emotion - Big decision
PVC - Control
Belfegore - All that I wanted
The Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep

Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

Radio Brotbeutel Extra Januar 2017

Norm Burns & The Five Stars - Whirl, Whirl, Whirl (Flora M. Sanders & Lew Tobin)
Rodd Keith - Danny's Return (Fredrick Fargnoli, Jr.)
Gene Marshall - Nurse, Nurse (Waskey Walls)
Rodd Keith - Get Wet (Nick Croshaw-Gene Brooks)
Matt Vincent - Broken Promises (Clarence Johnson)
Jim Ward - Working Chant of A Woman (Mary Nycum)
Jim Ward - Dusk (Jeanine Ralstin)
Gina Val - Here With My Luna Love (Christine Campbell)
Bonnie & Nita - Dance With Me (H.P. Reddick)
Bonnie Graham - Tiny, Tiny Heart (Ray Hanson)
Bonnie Graham - Let's Fall In Love Again (Francis M. Mutale)
Sue Lloyd & William O'Donnell - The Ballad Of Patty Hearst (Listen To Tania) (B. Elmore Lloyd-William O'Donnell)
The Downtowners - The Pink, Pink, Lady Of Malibu (William J. Quarry)
Matt Vincent - Whiskey Friend (Marlin Woods)
Matt Vincent - Heading Out Of This World (Frank Swan)
William LeBlanc - The Green Mandala (Bruce Bitkoff)
Joe Freeman - My Nana (Alfred Guixogn-T. Rosen)
Sonny Marshall - A Two Buck Fiddle (Paul Macpherson)
Bob Brown with Orch. - Let's Twist (James Granville)
Johnny Cargill (Sound Effects by J. Stevens) - A Soldier's Prayer (D. Tyree)
Joe Freeman - Are You Giving Green Stamps, Baby? (John Grose)

Bonnie Graham - Train Of Destiny (Aurelio Martellacci)
Jim Reid - Evening Time (Emil Sekyra)
Sonny Marshall - I'm Sam The Handy Man (Edward Tumulty)
Jeff Reynolds - Music For Four Footers (Fred Wolf)
Charlie Clark - America's Love Carrier (James Wilson, Jr.)
William LeBlanc - A Long Walk Home (Henry Thomas)
William LeBlanc - Domestic Violence Is A Deadly Sin (Isabelle Jones)
Ben Tate (aka Sonny Marshall) - She's Gone (Tony Carillo)
John Muir - I Really Care (Jerry D. Olson)
MSR Singers - Oh That Zipper On My Pants (Joseph Hetrick)
MSR Singers - Chicken Leg (Michael Fraulino)
Kay Weaver - Gyrate For Physicet Beam Dreams, Kay (James Wilson, Jr.)
The Rave-Ons - You Put It Inside (Felie Dumlao)
no artist named - In Love, In Love (Kenneth F. Irwin-Lucia Pamela)
no artist named - You And Your Big Ideas (Lucia Pamela-Kenneth F. Irwin)
Sonny Marshall - The Saddest Story (John H. Kelley)
Gene Marshall - The Great Richard Nixon (John Montague)
Jeff Stone - Insomniac Man (Suzanne Baumann)
Gene Marshall - Do It While You Can (Martin Massey)
Little Donnie Lane, music by Sandy Stanton - Go Away (Donald Culton)
Billy Grey - Tongue Tied (Johnson-Dienna)

Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Die vierte Lange Nacht der Schlafenden 2016

Playlist 23.00-02.00 Uhr:
Walter Scheel und der Düsseldorfer Männergesangsverein - Wohlauf in Gottes schöne Welt (Walter Scheel, verstorben am 24.8.2016)
Status Quo - Gerundula (Rick Parfitt, verstorben am 24.12.2016)
Status Quo - Like ice in the sun
Status Quo - Down down
Lonnie Mack - Wham (verstorben am 21.4.2016)
Leon Russel - Delta Lady (verstorben am 13.11.2016)
Leon Russel - It's all over now, Baby Blue
John D. Loudermilk - Tobacco Road (verstorben am 21.9.2016)
Mose Allison - Young Man Blues (verstorben am 15.11.2016)
Budgie - Gunslinger (John "Big" Thomas, verstorben am 3.3.2016)
Nektar - Prelude (Roye Albrington, verstorben am 26.7.2016)
Nektar - Astronauts Nightmare
Nektar - Countenance
Nektar - The Nine Lifeless Daughters Of The Sun
Nektar - Warp Oversight
Nektar - The Dream Nebula
Paul McCartney & Wings - Loup (First Indian On The Moon) (Henry McCullough, verstorben am 14.6.2016)
Paul McCartney & Wings - My Love
Werner Lämmerhirt - Nine hundred miles (verstorben am 14.10.2016)
Hein & Oss - Brüder,zur Sonne, zur Freiheit (Hein Kröher, verstorben am 14.2.2016)
Gisela May - Das Land wo die Kanonen blühen (verstorben am 2.12.2016)
Leonard Cohen - Avalanche  (verstorben am 10.11.2016)
Leonard Cohen - Last year man
Shelleyan Orphan - Anatomy of love (Caroline Crawley, verstorben am 4.10.2016)
Thunderclap Newman - Something in the air (Andy Newman, verstorben am 30.3.2016)
The Liverbirds - Leave all your old loves (Valerie Ann Gell, verstorben am 11.12.2016)
Monty Phython with the voices and feet of the Fred Tomlinson Mounted Singers - The Lumberjack Song (Fred Tomlinson, verstorben am 17.7.2016)
Prince Buster - One Step Beyond (verstorben am 8.9.2016)
Parliament - Flashlight (Bernie Worrell, verstorben am 24.6.2016)
Eleventh House - Funky waltz (Alphonse Mouzon, verstorben am 25.12.2016)
Gato Barbieri - India (verstorben am 2.4.2016)
Paul Bley - Turns (verstorben am 3.1.2016)
Isao Tomita - A Space Ship Lands Emitting Silvery Light (verstorben am 5.5.2016)
Otis Clay - Trying to Live My Life Without You (verstorben am 8.1.2016)
M/A/R/R/S - Pump up the volume (Steve Young, verstorben am 13.7.2016)
Clarence "Blowfly" Reid - Rapp Dirty (verstorben am 17.1.2016)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Ces'te La Vie (Greg Lake, verstorben am 7.12.2016)

---weitere Verstorbene 2016---
Michel Delpech (2.1.)
Jason Mackenroth (Rollins Band/Blue Man Group) (3.1.)
Robert Stigwood (4.1.)
Pierre Boulez (5.1.)
Kitty Kallen ("Little Things Mean a Lot") (7.1.)
Giorgio Gomelsky (13.1.)
Jimmy Bain (Rainbow) (24.1.)
Erich "Eric Hysteric" Knodt (Vomit Visions) (26.1.)
Jim Reeves (Sqeezer) (1.2.)
Fergus O'Farrel (Interference) (2.2.)
Steve Childers (Black Witchery) (2.2.)
Renate Leismann (Renate und Werner Leismann) (3.2.)
Denise Katrina "Vanity" Matthews (Vanity 6) (15.2.)
Piotr Grundzinski (Riverside) (21.2.)
Hans Reffert (Die Idole/Guru Guru) (22.2.)
Peter Lustig (23.2.)
Ekkehard "Ekki" Göpelt ("Tapatoo") (25.2.)
Raphael Greaves (Satanicon) (29.2.)
Oskar Karlsson (Gates Of Ishtar) (3.3.)
Trentavious "Bankroll Fresh" White ("Hot Boy") (4.3.)
Joey Feek ("If I Needed You") (4.3.)
Nikolaus Harnoncourt (5.3.)
Aaron Huffman (Harvey Danger) (6.3.)
Frank Sinatra jr. (16.3.)
Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor (A Tribe Called Quest) (23.3.)
Hans-Dietrich Genscher (31.3.)
Jean-Luc "Lucas Trouble" Taccard (Vietnam Veterans) (1.4.)
Irma Bule (3.4.)
Leon Haywood ("I want'a do something freaky to you") (5.4.)
Tony Conrad (9.4.)
Howard "Mr. Nice" Marks (10.4.)
Richard Lyons (Negativland) (19.4.)
Billy Paul ("Me and Mrs. Jones") (24.4.)
Mei Baojiu (25.4.)
Wolfgang "Wölli" Rohde (Die Toten Hosen) (25.4.)
Wulf Hühn (1.5.)
Nick Menza (Megadeth) (21.5.)
Christina Grimmie (The Voice USA 2014) (11.6.)
Shane Tomlinson (Frequency Band) (12.6.)
Alejandro Fuentes (The Voice Mexico 2011) (18.6.)
Götz George (19.6.)
Wayne Jackson (Memphis Horns) (21.6.)
Amjad Sabri (22.6.)
Manfred Deix (25.6.)
Rob Wasserman (Lou Reed/Elvis Costello) (29.6.)
Sigi Maron (18.7.)
Lou Pearlman (19.8.)
Tom Searle (Architects) (20.8.)
Matt Roberts (3 Doors Down) (20.8.)
Toots Thielemans (22.8.)
Juan Gabriel ("Querida") (28.8.)
Fred Hellerman (The Weavers) (1.9.)
Mduduzi Edmund "Mandoza" Tshabalala (19.9.)
"The Incredible" Hagen Liebling (Die Ärzte) (25.9.)
Rod Temperton ("Thriller") (Ende September)
Philip Chess (Chess Records) (18.10.)
Robert Thomas "Bobby Vee" Velline ("Take Good Care of My Baby") (24.10.)
Paul Vincent Gunia (Maffay/Lindenberg/Doldinger) (25.10.)
Andreas Fulterer (Kastelruther Spatzen) (26.10.)
Melhem Barakat (28.10.)
Curly Putman ("Green, green grass of home") (30.10.)
Kay Starr ("Wheel of fortune"/"The rock and roll waltz") (3.11.)
Jean-Jacques Perrey (4.11.)
Martin Stone (The Action) (9.11.)
Sharon Jones (The Dap-Kings) (18.11.)
Craig Gill (Inspiral Carpets) (22.11.)
Joe Esposito (Elvis Presley's Memphis Mafia) (23.11.)
Colonel Abrams ("Trapped") (24.11.)
Micky Fitz (The Business) (1.12.)
Herb Hardesty (Fats Domino) (3.12.)
Martin Hladik ("Cajovna/Teeroom") (4.12.)
Esma Redzepova (11.12.)
Leo Marjane (18.12.)
Mike Zane (Malice) (23.12.)
Generalleutnant Valeri Chalilow und 64 Sänger und Tänzer des Zweifach mit dem Rotbannerorden ausgezeichnetes Akademisches Gesangs- und Tanzensemble der russischen Armee "A. W. Alexandrow" (25.12.)
Knut Kiesewetter (28.12.)
Allan Williams (Beatles-Manager) (30.12.)