Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

Radio Brotbeutel Extra Oktober 2016

The Beatles - Now And Then (1995)
The Quarrymen -You Must Write Every Day (1960)
The Quarrymen - Catswalk (1960)
Threetles - Thinking Of Linking (edit) (1995)
The Beatles with Tony Sheridan - Why (1961)
The Beatles - Orowanya (1966)
The Beatles - Los Paranoias (1968)
The Beatles - Down In Havana (1968)
Paul McCartney - Gone Tomorrow, Here Today (1968)
Paul McCartney - The Way You Look Tonight (1968)
Paul McCartney - Can You Take Me Back (1968)
Paul McCartney and Donovan - How Do You Do (1968)
The Beatles - Lowdown Blues Machine 1:58 (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 7.1.69)
The Beatles - Shakin In The Sixties (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 9.1.69)
The Beatles - Jam Session (Get Back/Let It Be outtake January 1969)
The Beatles - Two Of Us (rockin version)  (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 2.1.69)
The Beatles - Ramblin' Woman  (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 3./9.1.69)
The Beatles - The palace of the king of the birds (edit) (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 6./7./9.1.69)
The Beatles - Commonwealth (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 9.1.69)
The Beatles - Enoch Powell (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 9.1.69)
The Beatles - Through A London Window (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 10.1.69)
The Beatles - Just For You/Song Of Love (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 14.1.69)
The Beatles - The Day I Went Back To School (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 14.1.69)
The Beatles - Madman (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 14./21.1.69)

The Beatles -Jazz Piano Song (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 14.1.69)
The Beatles -Yoko Jams (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 10.1.69)
The Beatles -Yoko Annoying (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 10.1.69)
The Beatles -The Worst Yoko Ono Ever (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 10.1.69)
The Beatles -Window Window (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 21./24./25./26.1.69)
The Beatles - All I Want Is You  (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 21.1.69)
The Beatles with Billy Preston - The Rocker/Save The Last Dance For Me (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 22.1.69)
The Beatles with Billy Preston - There You Are Eddie (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 24.1.69)
The Beatles with Billy Preston - I Told You Before (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 26./27.1.69)
The Beatles with Billy Preston - The Walk (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 27.1.69)
The Beatles with Billy Preston - How Do You Tell Someone (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 28.1.69)
The Beatles with Billy Preston - Greasepaint On Your Face (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 28.1.69)
The Beatles with Billy Preston - Tales Of Frankie Rabbit (Get Back/Let It Be outtake 31.1.69)
Paul McCartney - All together on the wireless machine (November 1967)
Cilla Black & Ringo Starr - Do You Like Me (1968)
Bob Dylan & George Harrison - Nowhere To Go (1968)
Jackie Lomax - Little Yellow Pills (1968)
Jackie Lomax - Speak To Me (1968)
Jackie Lomax - You've Got Me Thinking (1968)
Doris Troy - Give Me Back My Dynamite (Februar 1970)
Doris Troy - Gonna Get My Baby Back (Februar 1970)
Doris Troy - You Give Me Joy Joy (Februar 1970)

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

Radio Brotbeutel Extra Juli 2016

[Various: Introduction 1]
The Beatles: Mach Schau (Seite 1) (1996)
The Carefrees: We Love You Beatles (1964)
[Beatle Hysteria in the USA]
The Four Preps: Letter to the Beatles (1964)
[Various: Exotic bits 1]
The Bootles: I'll Let You Hold My Hand (1964)
[John Peel, John Lennon, Kenny Everett, Malcolm McDowell u. a.: Nostalgia]
Dorie Peyton: Ringo Boy (1964)
[Various: Exotic bits 2]
Donna Lynn: My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut (1964)
[John with Paul, George & Ringo on Swedish TV]

Bonnie Jo Mason (Cher): Ringo, I Love You (1964)
[Various: We Love You Beatles]
[John Lennon and Kenny Everett: Desert Island Discs]
Irvin's 89 Key Marenghi Fairground Organ: Help! (1999)
[The Beatles on The Mike & Bernie Winters' Show]
The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ: Yesterday (1994)
[Peter Sellers Talks With The Beatles]
[Klaus Beyer, John Cafiero, Marky Ramone: Venerate]
The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ: And I Love Her/In My Life/All My Loving (1993)
[Michael Mills speaks of the Evil of Hidden Satanic Messages & Numbers]
Volker Rosin: Volkers lustiger Musikverein (Sergeant Pepper's Lonely heards club band) (1984)
[Piano Decrescendo (from A Day in the Life) (1967)]
Klaus Beyer: Endlosrille der Sgt. Pepper LP (1995)
[Sgt. Pepper hidden track (1967)]

[Various: Introduction 2]
The Beatles: Mach Schau (Seite 2) (1996)
[Bob Dylan on Liverpool, The Mersey & Bob Wooler]

Rainbo (Sissy Spacek): John, You Went Too Far This Time (1964)
Dick Lord: Like Ringo (1965)
[Various: Exotic bits 4]
Allan Sherman: Pop Hates the Beatles (1964)
[Bob Dylan on Hello, Goodbye]
The Hi-Riders: Stamp Out The Beatles (1964)
[Various: Exotic bits 3]
Wild Man Fischer: I'm the Meany (1977)
[Various: Die Beatles an der Elbe (1984)]
Klaus Beyer: Hauptmann Pepper (Scheiße-Version) (1995)
[Beatles Dialogue from the film "Let It Be" (1969)]
Klaus Beyer: Julia (Scheiße-Version) (1995)
[John Lennon on Apple (interview 1969)]
Brian Sewell: Her Majesty (1993)
[Dave Fox asks Is Paul Dead]
Brian Sewell: Give Peace a Chance (o.J.)
[Thanks And Goodbyes From Paul, George, Ringo and John]

Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016

Die zweite Lange Nacht der Schlafenden 2016

Am Freitag, den 17.06.2016., von 23.00 bis 03.00 Uhr (oder länger) hört ihr die zweite Lange Nacht der Schlafenden in Erinnerung an die verstorbenen Musikerinnen und Musiker des Jahres 2016, gemeinsam moderiert von Christoph Abée und mir. In Hannover zu hören bei LeineHertz 106Punkt5 auf UKW 106.5, im Kabel auf der Frequenz 102.15 MHz oder im Internet im livestream!

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016

Radio Brotbeutel Extra Mai 2016

Playlist 22.00-23.00 Uhr
Goodbye To Gravity: Rise From the Fallen (Vlad Telea und Mihai Alexandru, verstorben am 30.10.2015, Bogdan Enache, verstorben am 8.11.2015, und Alex Pascu, verstorben am 11.11.2015)
Bucium: Voievozii (Adrian Rugina, verstorben am 30.10.2015)
Monarchy Band: Hysteria (Costi Ignat, verstorben am 30.10.2015)
Up To Eleven: One Cent (Laurentiu Varlan, verstorben am 30.10.2015)
Captain Americano: The Pimp (Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle, ermordet am 13.11.2015)
Counterflux: Stay away (Kyle Canter, Earl Miller II und Devin Bachmann, verstorben am 13.2.2016)
Viola Beach: Swings & Waterslides (Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Thomas Lowe, und Jack Dakin, verstorben am 13.2.2016)
Marcus Belgrave: Gemini II (verstorben am 24.5.2015)
Gerry Wolff: Die Rose war rot (In Erinnerung an Gerd Natschinski, verstorben am 4.8.2015)
Max Greger Orchester: Up to date (Max Greger, verstorben am 15.8.2015)
Steely Dan: Doctor Wu (In Erinnerung an Wilton Felder, verstorben am 27.9.2015, und Phil Woods, verstorben am 29.9.2015)
Bunny and Bear: America's Sweethearts (Gail Zappa, verstorben am 7.10.2015)
Backroad Anthem: Torn (Craig Strickland, verstorben ungefähr am 28.12.2015)

Playlist 23.00-24.00 Uhr
Helmut Schmidt: Etwas lernen - etwas leisten (verstorben am 10.11.2015
Helmut Schmidt: Die NPD ist wieder weg
Goldie presents Metalheads: Inner City Life (feat. Diane Charlemagne) (Diane Charlemagne, verstorben am 28.10.2015)
Red Alert: There's A Guitar Burning (Anthony "Tony Van" Frater, verstorben am 29.10.2015)
Leatherface: Don't work (Dickie Hammond, verstorben am 31.10.2015)
Chris Karrer: Vienna - Agadir (Ernst Fuchs, verstorben am 9.11.2015)
P.F. Sloan: Girl in the cabin (verstorben am 15.11.2015)
Pussycat: Mississippi (John Theunissen, verstorben am 19.11.2015)
Jacob Sisters: Gartenzwerg-Marsch (Johanna Jacob, verstorben am 25.11.2015)
Rising Sons: The devil's got my woman (Gary Marker, verstorben am 8.12.2015)
The Del Fuegos: Down In Allen's Mills (Adam Roth, verstorben am 16.12.2015)
Guru Josh: Infinity (a.k.a. Paul Walden, verstorben am 28.12.2015)
Hans-Dietrich Genscher: Wo steht denn geschrieben (verstorben am 31.3.2016)
Helmut Schmidt: Vertrauen in die Währung

Samstag, 2. April 2016

Die erste Lange Nacht der Schlafenden 2016

Playlist 01.00-02.00 Uhr:
Stern-Combo Meißen - Eine Nacht auf dem kahlen Berg (Reinhard Fißler, verstorben am 13.2.2016)
Nice - Ars longa vita brevis - Symphony for group and orchestra (Keith Emerson, verstorben am 11.3.2016)
The George Martin Orchestra - A beginning (Sir George Henry Martin, verstorben am 8.3.2016)
The George Martin Orchestra- All Quiet On The Mersey Front
Umberto Eco - DOS vs. Mac (verstorben am 19.2.2016)

Playlist 02.00-03.00 Uhr:
Sha Na Na - Blue Moon (Lennie Baker, verstorben am 24.2.2016)
Sopwich Camel - Fazon (Martin Beard, verstorben am 10.11.2015)
Jefferson Airplane - Chauffeur Blues (Paul Kantner und Signe Toly Anderson, verstorben am 28.1.2016)
Jeffersen Airplane - Today
Jeffersen Airplane- The war is over
Jeffersen Airplane- Wooden ships
Paul Kanter & Grace Slick - Sunfighter
Black - Everything's Coming Up Roses (Colin Vearncombe, verstorben am 26.1.2016)
Hugo Strasser und sein Tanzorchester - La luna (Hugo Strasser, verstorben am 17.3.2016)
Julia Hülsmann Trio With Roger Cicero - Riverman (Roger Cicero, verstorben am 24.3.2016)

Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

Die vierte Lange Nacht der Schlafenden

Playlist 23.00-00.00 Uhr:
Earth, Wind & Fire: Africano (Maurice White, verstorben am 3.2.2016)
Earth, Wind & Fire: In the stone
Sly & The Family Stone: I'm an animal (Cynthia Robinson, verstorben am 23.11.2015)
Sly & The Family Stone: Stand
Sly & The Family Stone. Dance to the music
Allen Toussaint: Southern nights (verstorben am 9.11.2015)
Allen Tousaint & Elvis Costello: Who's gonna help brother get further?
Three Dog Night: Play something sweet (Brickyard blues) (Cory Wells, verstorben am 20.10.2015)
Three Dog Night: Freedom for the stallion
The Bar-Kays: Soulfinger (Ben Cauley, verstorben am (21.9.2015)
Gladys Knight & The Pips: Midnight Train to Georgia (William Guest, verstorben am 24.12.2015)
Natalie Cole: This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) (verstorben am 31.12.2015)
Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole: Unforgetable
The Easybeats: Friday On My Mind (Steven Wright, verstorben am 27.12.2015)
The Easybeats: Good Times 

Playlist 00.00-01.00 Uhr:
Motörhead: Stone dead forever (Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, verstorben am 11.11.2015, und Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister, verstorben am 28.12.2015)
Hawkwind: You shouldn't do that
Hawkwind: Silvermachine
Hawkwind: Motorhead
The Damned: Ballroom blitz
Motörhead: Damage case
Motörhead: 1916
Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts: White Lightning (Jeremy Brown, verstorben am 30.3.2015, und Scott Weiland, verstorben am 3.12.2015)
Michael Schenker Group: No Time For Losers (live) (David VanLanding, verstorben am 17.11.2015)
REO Speedwagon: Only the strong survive (Gary Richrath, verstorben am 15.9.2015)
Twisted Sister: I wanna rock (A.J. Pero, verstorben am 20.3.2015)
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow: Man On The Silver Mountain (Craig Gruber, verstorben am 5.5.2015)
Molly Hatchet: Find somebody new (Bruce Cramp, verstorben am 16.3.2015)

Christoph Eschenbach, Helmut Schmidt, Justus Frantz, Gerhard Oppitz und Philharmoniker Hamburg: J.S. Bach - Konzert Für 4 Klaviere Und Streicher A-Moll BWV 1065 (Helmut Schmidt, verstorben am 10.11.2015) 

Playlist 01.00-02.00 Uhr:
Aurèle Nicolet, Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, Kurt Masur Dirigent: Ferruccio Busoni - Divertimento Für Flöte Und Orchester Op. 52 Bv 285 (Kurt Masur, verstorben am 19.12.2015)
Matthias Horndasch Quartett: Le cadeau (Solo) (Matthias Horndasch, verstorben am 2.12.2015)
Matthias Horndasch Quartett: Song (Duo)
Rasputin: Sympathy for the devil (Jon Symon "Rasputin" Hornsby, verstorben am 8.12.2015)
Jon Symon: Wizard king
Jon Symon: Silver star part 1
Amon Düül II: Toxicological whispering (Lothar Meid, verstorben am 3.11.2015)
Amon Düül II: Hawknose harlekin
Amon Düül II: Deutsch Nepal
Amon Düül II: I can't wait (Part 1+2)
18 Karat Gold: Going home

Playlist 02.00-03.00 Uhr:
Passport: Uranus
Marius Müller-Westernhagen: Dicke
Marius Müller-Westernhagen: Sex
Marius Müller-Westernhagen: Ich liebe dich
Marius Müller-Westernhagen: Rosi
Marius Müller-Westernhagen: Mackie Messer
Die Heartbreakers: Lisa's song
The Beatles: Love me do (Andy White, verstorben am 9.11.2015)
The Specials: Rat race (John Bradbury, verstorben am 28.12.2015)

The Specials: Why?
Delta 5: Mind your own business (Kelvin Knight, verstorben am 2.12.2015)
Stump: Buffalo (Mick Lynch, verstorben am 17.12.2015)
Fred Banana Combo: Soldaten des Grünen (Gottfried Tollmann, verstorben am 6.10.2015)
Rainer Bloß-Sextett: Das schönste Mädchen unserer Stadt (Rainer Bloß, verstorben am 10.12.2015)
Spyro Gyra: Morning dance (Ted Reinhardt, verstorben am 4.3.2015)

---weitere Verstorbene 2015---
Ray McFall (Cavern Club) (8.1.)
Jochen Hülder (Tote Hosen) (15.1.)
Fritz J. Raddatz (26.2.)
Richard von Weizäcker (31.1.)
Thom Wilson (Produzent von Dead Kennedys/The Offspring) (8.2.)
Terry Pratchett (12.3.)
David Ball (Procul Harum live) (31.3.)
Suzanne Crough (The Partridge Family) (27.4.)
Julie Harris (Beatles-Kostümdesignerin) (1.6.)
Harry Rowohlt (15.6.)
Michael Tarras (Desaster Area) (14.8.)
Egon Bahr (19.8.)
Wes Craven (30.8.)
Oliver Sacks ("The last Hippie") (30.8.)
Max Kruse (4.9.)
Ellis Kaut (24.9.)
Hellmuth Karasek (29.9.)
Henning Mankell (5.10.)
Hilla Becher (Fotografin) (10.10.)
Holly Woodlawn ("Take a walk on the wild side") (7.12.)

Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Radio Brotbeutel Extra Januar 2016

Playlist 22.00-23.00 Uhr
A$AP Mob feat. A$AP Nast and Method Man: Trillmatic (in Erinnerung an Steven "A$AP Yams" Rodriguez, verstorben am 18.1.2015)
Axel Becker: Ein neuer Tag bricht an (verstorben am 26.1.2015)
Conflict: The final conflict (in Erinnerung an Francisco "Paco" Carreno, verstorben am 20.2.2015)
Broken Dreams: Siamese screams (in Erinnerung an Ryan Stanek, verstorben am 1.3.2015)
Jim McCann: The Sally gardens (verstorben am 5.3.2015)
The Queers: Kicked Out Of The Webelos (in Erinnerung an Scott "Tulu" Gildersleeve, verstorben März 2015)
Kayahan Acer: Gözlerinin Hapsindeyim (verstorben am 3.4.2015)
Richard Anthony: Tchin Tchin (Richard Btesh, verstorben am 20.4.2015)
Patachou: Nini Peau De Chien (Henriette Ragon, verstorben am 30.4.2015)
Guy Carawan: We Shall Overcome (verstorben am 2.5.2015)
Late Of The Pier: Heartbeat (in Erinnerung an Ross Dawson, verstorben am 15.5.2015)
Lazarus A.D.: Thou Shall Not Fear (in Erinnerung an Ryan Shutler, verstorben am 17.5.2015)
The Posies: I guess you're right (in Erinnerung an Darius Minwalla, verstorben am 21.5.2015)
Randy Howard: All American redneck (verstorben am 9.6.2015)
Val Doonican: Walk Tall (Michael Valentine Doonican, verstorben am 2.7.2015)
Outlawz: Lookin 4 freedom (in Erinnerung an Hussein Fatal, verstorben am 11.7.2015)

Playlist 23.00-24.00 Uhr
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius: I Don't Want to Have to Marry You (JimEd Brown, verstorben am 11.6.2015)
MC Supreme: Black In America (Dewayne Coleman, verstorben 13.6.2015)
Linda Ronstadt with James Ingram: Somewhere Out There (in Erinnerung an James Horner, verstorben am 22.6.2015)
Nina & Mike: Paloma Blanca (Lothar Schähfer, verstorben 16.7.2015)
Mimi Herold (Egerländer Nachtigall): A böhmisches Mädel und a bayerischer Bua (Hermine Herold, verstorben 20.7.2015)
Brenda Lee: Always On My Mind (in Erinnerung an Wayne Carson, verstorben am 20.7.2015)
After The Burial: A wolf amongst ravens (in Erinnerung an Justin Lowe, verstorben am 21.7.2015)
Lynn Anderson: (I never promised you a) rose garden (verstorben am 30.7.2015)
Tammy Wynette: Stand by your man (in Erinnerung an Billy Norris Sherrill, verstorben am 4.8.2015)
Heltah Skeltah: Therapy (in Erinnerung an Sean "Ruck" Price, verstorben am 8.8.2015)
Helena Zumsande: Wie schön du bist (verstorben am 15.8.2015)
Doudou N'Diaye Rose: Rose Rhythm (verstorben am 19.8.2015)
Sha Na Na: Tears On My Pillow (in Erinnerung an Dennis Greene, verstorben am 5.9.2015)
Dex Osama feat. Shy Glizzy: Hoes (Dex Osama, verstorben am 7.9.2015)
3 Problems: Come around (in Erinnerung an James "Swagg Huncho" Johnson Jr., verstorben am 13.12.2015)